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IEP Workshops that empower!

Our IEP workshops are designed to empower parents with knowledge about their rights. Register today to gain insightful information on how to make sure your child receives a quality education with appropriate placement, services,  goals and accommodations.

Our Purpose

Every child has a right to a quality education. A traditional education no longer exists.  Educators are overwhelmed when they lack knowledge, training, tolerance, support and creativity.  All of these qualities are essential when working with children with disabilities. The objective in each workshop is designed to empower parents with knowledge and resources that are practical and relevant to their child's Individualized needs and how to assure their child receives appropriate and comprehensive evaluations, programming, services, supports, modifications and accommodations during their IEP meeting.

In honor of Autism Awareness Month in April. All Saturday IEP Workshops scheduled for the

Resources for your IEP meeting

STAAR tutor
Disability rights support services
Disability support organization
Independent Educational Evaluation
IEP classroom accommodations
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