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Reading, Math, and Writing tutoring

The DIAG, specializes in Tutoring students with learning disabilities and cognitive deficits.  We are currently offering STAAR tutoring for students in  3rd, 4th, and 5th grades in the areas of Math, Reading and Writing. Private tutoring Sessions are held (Tue., Wed. and Thur.) (3:30p - 7:30p).

Xavier Academy 1001 W. Loop South, Houston, TX  

Carey's Frozen Delights 2603 Cartwright Blvd, Missouri City, TX 

or Virtually

Tutoring site is also flexible to meet your specific needs. Mileage applies.  Register your child today!


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The DIAG, LLC offers targeted tutoring sessions that will maximize your child's learning potential.

The DIAG,LLC possess these essential elements in our tutoring sessions.

Training and experience

Use of time wisely

Targeted interventions

Outlined objectives

Resources used are relevant

Sponsor a tutoring session for a struggling disadvantaged child

Some students struggle in reading, math, and writing.
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