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What you can expect from your IEE

  • Comprehensive evaluation with identified aptitude and abilities outlined in the strengths and weaknesses within the cognitive profile. 

  • Develop compensatory strategies using pedagogical approaches that focus on explicit instruction making it possible to create a variety of learning situations.

  • Provide insight on the 7 cognitive processes outlining strengths and weakness in the cognitive profile and how they impact educational performance.

  • Provide resources and guide recommendations that are scientifically based to drive interventions, accommodations and/or modifications.

  • Administer, score, analyze, and interpret scores from a host of standardized assessment batteries which include but not limited to the (DIAL, Bayley Scales for Infants and toddlers, ABAS III, WJ IV-COG, WJ IV-ACH, WJ IV-OL, WISC V, DAS II, Standford Binet, Vineland  III, WIAT – 3 KTEA 3, TERA 4, TEMA 3, TEWL 3, and KABC III, CTOPP, TOWRE, and GORT 5.

  • Observe and document metacognitive processes during academic tasks.

  • Assure continuity and relevance throughout the IEE to facilitate outcomes that lead to maximum potential, self-sufficiency, and independence.

  • When applicable: Review physician medical reports, investigate genetic syndromes and how they impact developmental milestones.

  • Team approach optional for additional cost. i.e.  (Physician, Psychologist, and Speech Language Pathologist) for suspected ADHD, Autism, and Emotional Disturbance. **Rates apply per specialist.

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