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  • IDEA topics investigated and corrective action plans developed.

  • Identify the functions and organizational components of activities in the Special Education Department.

  • Identify, collect, and analyze material related to IDEA compliance monitoring and enforcement including the most recent monitoring reports.

  • Collect information related to the general complaint process of Special Education Programs.

  • Collect and analyze Section 504 complaint data from the organization.

  • Identify, collect, and analyze information on activities.

  • Conduct interviews with the responsible agency staff to understand the monitoring process and departmental functioning in relation to enforcement.

  • Conduct interviews with staff and gathering information.

  • Identify issues and areas for improvement in the enforcement mechanisms and operations (e.g., gaps, duplication, overlaps, inconsistencies, and inadequacies).

  • Derive conclusions and develop recommendations for the entire analysis.

  • Provide recommendations for improving federal compliance and enforcement efforts to support improvement of educational outcomes for students with disabilities.


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