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Proud graduate of Dillard University in New Orleans, La.  After serving 14 years in classrooms ranging from co-teach, self-contained, resource, life skills, adaptive behavior and autism units, I expanded my knowledge earning a Masters degree from Houston Baptist University and became a Licensed Educational Diagnostician.  I have extensive experience and expertise in identifying and servicing students with exceptionalities.

My responsibilities as an educational diagnostician lie in the core of overseeing and assuring the implementation of IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act). My duties include but not limited to Identifying infants and toddlers through Child FIND, and setting the pathway through adulthood, by providing developmentally targeted interventions. Designing Individualized Education Plans and monitoring the progress of annual goals.  Collaborating with teachers and parents to assure home and school continuity.   Composing strategically specific objectives by using benchmark approaches entailing time frame, condition, behavior, and criteria utilizing the most evasive intensity to the least restrictive.  Assure individuals with disabilities develop essential and holistic life skills needed for independent survival to the maximum extent appropriate.  Adjusting and modifying interventions as needed. Designing behavior monitoring systems that include charting frequency, latency, and duration of observed behaviors and determining the functions of behaviors.  Providing recommendations that are specifically relevant and relative to underlying factors to create desired outcomes.

The DIAG contracts with multidisciplinary team members including but not limited to Licensed psychologist, occupational therapist, physical therapist and speech language pathologist.

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